Studio Projects | Open Call 2020

Deadline for applications: Friday 31st July at midnight.

Market is very excited to share that we are now inviting applications for this year's iteration of our Studio Projects. We are offering two different residency programs which will run from 1st September until 29th September. Please read on for more information and how to apply.

Studio Projects is an opportunity aimed at early career artists who are in need of a sustained period of reflection, research, rest and/or making.

  • The first open call will be for our at home residency program. We appreciate that many studio based practises have already disrupted and resettled in the past few months. Market would like to offer support to an artist wishing to continue working from home, or to someone who would benefit from this opportunity to get started with new research or making. This opportunity is open to Scotland based artists.
  • The second call out is for a collaborative residency utilising the Market Gallery space. Applying as a pair, this opportunity is aimed at artists already working together, artists wishing to initiate a collaboration or to those who would simply like to cohabit the space, spend time working side by side and exchange ideas. This would be suited for those that live together, are in each other's bubbles or are committed to navigate the space with social distancing. This opportunity is open to Glasgow based artists.

Market will continue to closely monitor the guidelines around Covid-19 and make sure we take all precautions to create a safe environment for the artists working together in the gallery space.

To Apply

Please include a single PDF document comprised of:

  • Why is this a good time for you to do the residency? Max. 100 words.
  • What are you excited to explore at the moment? Max. 100 words.
  • 3-5 items that support your application.

The supporting items could take the form of images, text, links to audio, video, inspiration, documentation of past work or whatever else is appropriate in displaying your current interests.

Artists applying for the collaborative residency are encouraged to fill out 1 PDF collaboratively.

We would like to anonymise the application process as best we can, focusing on the ideas and interests that the committee find exciting. We are doing this by asking applicants to not put their name in the PDF, but rather choose a word as title for the application. For example, if your chosen word is "Houseplants" you would title your PDF "Houseplants, Home Residency" or "Houseplants, Collaborative Residency".

Someone who is not on the selection panel will collate all the applications in one spot which will allow the committee to go through the selection process.

We please ask that you consider which residency format is best suited for you at this moment and apply for only one option.

The deadline for submissions is midnight 31st July. Please send the application PDF to with the subject heading:


We also ask each artist to fill out an Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form and submit with your application. This can be downloaded here. All replies will be handled anonymously.

Market is run by a voluntary committee and we please ask that this format is adhered to as best you can. Please contact us at if a different form of submission is more appropriate for you. Any other enquiries about the residencies can be made to the same address and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Budget and Facilities

  • Artist fee: £2,083
  • Production Fee: £200 (per artist)
  • Support from the committee and the space's resources and equipment to help realise and experiment with ideas.
  • For the collaborative residency, full access to the gallery space. (In keeping with current guidelines and safety measures due to Covid-19)
  • Possibility to use Market Gallery’s website as a platform to present material produced during the residency, this is however optional and not a requirement.

The artist fee is calculated at 21 working days based on current Residency Rates from the Scottish Artists Union, more information can be found here:


Studio Projects is an opportunity aimed at early career artists, and we particularly encourage artists who have not recently had a significant opportunity (e.g. gallery representation, a sizeable commission or a solo show in an established gallery). We regret to say that students in full-time education are not eligible for this opportunity.