STUDIO PROJECTS 2018: Ailie Ormston

Market Gallery is excited to announce this year's Studio Projects residents: Amy Gear and Ailie Ormston!

For Ailie Ormston, the basis of this six week residency will surround a collection of instrumental tracks made under the title Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo. Whilst working with the intention to confront the traditions of presenting, performing and digesting music, physical works will be made in response to the album, hashing it out into varying modes of communication. Current research strands which have informed the music include the Ottolenghi craze, Nespresso boutiques, Tesla car reviews, the structure of a beef tomato, and most importantly, Tony Soprano’s wardrobe. Other work includes contemplating the power of black sesame seeds and weighing up the merits of an AeroPress.

Image: Ailie Ormston, Toms