A many voiced argument with life

June 14, 2021 11:00 am

Publication launch: Friday 18th June, 10am – 6pm at Market Gallery

Market Gallery is pleased to present A many voiced argument with life, a polyvocal publication featuring 15 Glasgow-based artists. It is a celebration of friendship in its broadest sense – as the company we choose to keep, argue with and return to. It is also an experiment in entanglements, many of which have been made ever more complex since the project was first devised in 2019.

In a challenge to curatorial control, Market Gallery invited nine Glasgow-based artists to contribute existing work to a new publication; they in turn invited a further nine. The publication as it stands now is a conglomeration of timelines and ephemera that orbit day-to-day art practice. A many voiced argument with life embraces this ensuing unpredictability and the contingent nature of the realities of production and the various social relations that make us.

We are pleased to include the work of Céline Amendola, Saira Harvey, Annie Hazelwood, Katy, Ruthie Kennedy, Judith Leupi, Suds McKenna, Holly Muir, Isobel Neviazsky, Nastia Nikolskaya, Stephen Polatch, Alex Sarkisian, Martin Steuck, Camara Taylor and Lizzie Watts.

To order the publication, please email manyvoicedargument@gmail.com with the number of copies you would like and your postal address. Donations will be accepted via paypal, suggested £1-7 to help cover costs.

We will also be holding a publication launch at Market gallery on Friday, 18 June, 10am – 6pm, where you can come and grab a copy in person. We hope to see you there!

To get previews of the artists’ work, check in with our instagram, where we will be posting daily details of the publication pages each day of Glasgow International. 

Produced by Romy Danielewicz, Rabindranath A Bhose and Kati Karki. Supported by Creative Scotland and Glasgow International

Image credit: Suds McKenna as part of A many voiced argument with life, 2020