AT LAND | Steven Campbell, Aimi Ferrier, Helen Flockhart, Marianne Greated, Mabel Halliday, Katrin Jaberg, Lindsey Mclean, Carol Rhodes, Alastair Strachan and Mary Wintour

July 5, 2013 7:49 am

In landscape, one searches for memory. One searches for the traces that connect the familiar with the visible, molding and making palpable the interstice between our own locality and the distant place.

We look for memory that is implied.

We look for memory that is explicit.

We find resemblance within a familiar view that enables us to deposit memory within the frame.

In doing so, new narratives emerge, and depictions of the landscape perform these narratives with a quiet legitimacy.

An unrecorded truth,

An alternative history.

Yet, these landscapes themselves are as constructed as their depictions. They allude to a body that is absent; a palimpsest remains. Perhaps it its within this palimpsest that it is revealed how we can interact with our neighbours, our communities and individually. These depictions are a lens through which we may view our society; they portray how a view of how our generation will be recorded through artists’ observations of landscape.

Grey. Vast. Dense.

Like the human body it disguises; the landscape is also a vessel: a vessel containing untold stories and narratives. Its existence determined in dialectic with what it is not; the body that is ignored, the landscape that is unframed.

Therefore here is displayed a vision of what we see. How we envisage our convivial interactions and ourselves. How our modern history is mapped through our views of urban life.

A memory found in landscape.

Sinead Dunn 2013