Boom in boom in, butter | Casey O’Connell and Sarah Rose

October 26, 2014 7:20 pm

31 October – 28 November 2014

Taking cooking – its language, form and history – as a model for research and production, Casey O’Connell and Sarah Rose will host events using modes of instruction as a score: a recipe.

During the events, the static and visible score will be destabilised as it passes through the body of another person. Framed by medicinal and culinary practices, these events explore the impact and engagement with an instruction within our private and more intimate lives.

Boom in boom in, butter will variously include: two listening events; a meal that explores sensory experience and consumption; a screening of locally collected material; a local forage and a closing event co-hosted by Le Kevin Costner Bar.

Boom in boom in, butter takes place throughout Market Gallery’s three spaces, adjusting these environments according to the material and social conditions of each event. Physical traces of each event will be left in situ, considered as a form of indexical yet contingent documentation.

Boom in boom in, butter will record the events using a diaristic strategy. A publication co-produced with Market Gallery will be launched in 2015. O’Connell and Rose have invited contributions from peers who are interested in forms of self-care and collective action.

Key dates to mark in your calendar:

Public events will be held on November 6, 9, 13, 19, 23, 28

Bookings will be required. More information to follow

Sarah Rose is an artist living in Glasgow. Her work has been exhibited at David Dale Gallery and Studios, Transmission Gallery, The Northern Charter, Artspace (NZ), Dog Park Art Project Space, Rm Gallery, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Flip Projectspace. She has recently participated in the summer residency Hospitalfield Arts and the thematic residency at Banff Art Centre led by Will Holder. She is part of a collaboration called lightreading and co-hosts a publishing project called tenletters in Glasgow. Published work has been included in F. R. David and un Magazine 8.2.

Casey O’Connell lives and works in Glasgow. She is excited by the circulation, interpretation and reinterpretation of ideas, forms, gestures and words through various means. Often these means involve movement and speech. Her work has been exhibited at RM Gallery (NZ), Artspace (NZ), KARST (Plymouth) an she has performed at Tramway and Nottingham Contemporary. She often works collaboratively and currently organises bi-monthly queer club night Everyday Courage with Alan Miller. She is a founding member of a Glasgow-based queer reading group with Charlotte Prodger, Isla Leaver-Yap, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, and Jamie Crewe.