Budgie Butlins | Catherine Roberts

November 2, 2012 5:23 pm

Budgie Butlins

Catherine Roberts

2nd – 23rd November 2012

This show was of the documentation of the experience of forty six lucky budgerigars as they enjoyed a unique and miniature Butlins’ style holiday. Donated by The Northern Ireland Budgerigar, Zebra Finch and Foreign Bird Society, Budgie Butlins’ offers the very best in rest and relaxation and everything else a budgie might possibly wish for whilst on holiday. Featuring caravan nesting boxes and additional pool and recreational facilities, the budgies are intimately observed freely inhabiting their updated still life. Bird and human pleasure are central in this voyeuristic spectacle of holiday worlds and it is often curious at times who is more captivated and perplexed by whom.