Home Residency | Clay AD

November 28, 2022 12:08 pm
A circle of participants on mats, facing each other, scribbling on large pieces of paper. The background of this image is layered with fragments of cosmos, ace of wands, and tv screen with text on, vibrant colours merging into each other.

Market’s 2022/23 Home Residency has been awarded to Clay AD.

Clay AD is a north node Capricorn who is a student of the body, spirituality and sub-cultures such as dirt (of the earth and perversity). His weaving of those studies are art, writing, facilitating workshops and offering somatic bodywork 1-on-1 online. His poetry book, “Holy Bodies” was published this past summer with Pilot Press. 

Clay will be using the time to seed a fantasy for a future gathering of somatic and body-based workers based in the UK to share and brainstorm tools and strategies to support collective healing amid current and ongoing austerity and climate catastrophe. He will also use the time to rest, play music and connect to his studio practice.  

A colour image of a person dressed as a yellow flower seen from the back looking at a wall with a projection and sitting amongst pieces of dark green plastic.