Home Residency | Lisette May Monroe

February 9, 2022 3:04 pm
A black and white image of finger holding open a booklet showing two photographs. In the image on the left hand page of the booklet is a serious looking male presenting person holding an egg and on the right handside image is a female identifying body slumped over a table wearing an apron. The finger that is holding open the booklet is pointing to the picture of the person with the apron. 

Market’s 2021 Studio Projects Home Residency has been awarded to Lisette May Monroe. For three months from January 2022, Monroe will use the essential research time to work on a series of short stories, sculpture and sound work.

Lisette May Monroe (she/her) is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. 

She works with writing, photography and installation to review her experiences of class, fatness and disability. These works excavate moments of horror and explore them as hauntings or montroues entities in suburban or peripheral environments. She is interested in the amplification of drama, shame, aspiration, sex and mystery in these contexts and the ways in which she has been consumed and regurgitated by these monsters.

Lisette also runs Rosie’s Disobedient Press with Adrien Hester, Rosie’s is an artist-led publishing project based in Glasgow which focuses on writing from marginalised perspectives with a focus on queer, working class and feminist writers. At its core is a belief in the importance of accessibility to writing. The press works directly with artists to create unique projects on a small scale and across multiple forms, including online and printed publishing, writing, sound and live events. Rosie’s Disobedient Press is the ‘bad dog’ of artist-led publishing.

A collage which has a photograph in the middle, the photograph is upside down and is of an open window with a net curtain blowing in the wind, through the window you can see spindly leafless tree branches. The photograph is collaged onto a flattened fabric background. The image is all in tones of bright pink and black. 
A collage all in tones of bright orange and black. The image has scans of mesh fabric's all layered over each other, creating patterns of folded fabric and where the fabric has built up it has created blocked out areas of black. In the bottom centre of the image is a scan of a badge which reads "we're poor people”