I SHALL BEAR MY VISAGE | Noureddine Ezarraf

April 4, 2019 1:36 pm
Scan from a catalogue of the Berber museum at Jardin Majorelle, one of Marrakech’s popular tourist destinations.

I SHALL BEAR MY VISAGE (Or why I radically un-friend the tourist(s))

Saturday 6th April 4 – 6pm at Market Gallery

Working within a framework of radical hospitality, artist Noureddine Ezarraf presents a performative exhibition of obliterated objects and images. Over the course of an afternoon, the artist will contest and explore the dichotomies of tourism and fugitive presence, social facelessness and face recognition, border erection and hostility elections. The event will be structured around Moments of ponctuation (sharing words) and contemplation (viewing obliterated souvenirs). Another Moment will be to clean-out the exhibited objects (dismantling).

Scan of an image of a group of figures in traditional Berber dress, beige and gold fabric with colourful patterns sat against a wooden architectural structure of Berber provenance.

“If the oriental spectre is haunting Europe today, the “immigrant” remains a ghost. It is due to a crisis of representation, the problem of “characters without narratives” haunting the western media. Ghosts are faceless people, peuples without visage(s), lives that cannot be mourned, because they are already lost. Nevertheless, they are ghosts because they transgress the borders, and the image.

Noureddine Ezarraf is a multidisciplinary artist based between Aghmat and Marrakech. With a background in political economy, his researches explores by participatory initiatives, memory and archive as political subjects. A poet, his work oscillates between oraliture / literature and visual arts through interventions in public space, poetical lectures and videographic pieces.