Market x Komplot | Seyran Kirmizitoprak and Cléo Totti

February 2, 2019 1:56 pm
Poster composed of a vortex of dark blue arrows (resembling a meteorological display) with pink and blue text giving details of the exhibition. Title says 'Exchange Show'.
Poster design by Alex Millar.

Market Gallery invites you to an exhibition and performances programmed as part of a curatorial exchange with Brussels-based collective Komplot. In collaboration with Komplot curator Sonia Dermience, we will be presenting the work of two artists: Cléo Totti and Seyran Kirmizitoprak.

Opening 42 days before the UK officially leaves the European Union, Komplot’s intervention at Market Gallery is a structural acknowledgement of artistic and curatorial exchange opportunities afforded by unimpeded travel within Europe. By bringing Brussels home, we hope to lay ground for support structures that will continue to extend across borders regardless of state-imposed restrictions.

Founded in 2002 in Brussels, Komplot is a curatorial collective of variable composition and condition. Concerned with nomadic practices and trends of specialisation, it operates as a platform for experimental art. Extensive research into post ’68 collaborative art practices in Belgium has led Komplot to develop an open and flexible approach to programming. Encompassing performance, publications, films, workshops, exhibitions and events, Komplot’s projects continue to interrogate the relationship between art and its physical, social and political environment.

The concept of the alter ego underpins all of the work Seyran Kirmizitoprak has produced ever since the beginning of her relationship with Komplot in 2011. Imbued with a post-pop theatricality, Seyran’s practice is heavily informed by her experience as singer and writer, leading her to develop a performance persona halfway between a supermodel and a dilettante. Seyran has presented work across Belgium and internationally, including solo and group exhibitions at NICC Antwerp and the Copenhagen Art Festival.

The work of Cléo Totti evolves in a hybrid universe where high technology seamlessly merges with abstraction and references to the body. Spanning across genres, Cléo’s installations comprise a catastrophically elegant colour palette and eclectic collections of organic shapes. Cléo has exhibited extensively all over Belgium, from museum institutions such as S.M.A.K. in Ghent, to commercial and underground galleries such as Tatjana Pieter, Uhoda and SUPERDEALS.