Office for Monument Construction | Karolina Breguła

March 15, 2016 5:52 pm

Market Gallery is pleased to present a new video work by Karolina Breguła, commissioned for Glasgow International 2016.

Office for Monument Construction tells the story of people who come from a town which no longer exists. Having no better place to stay, they inhabit a deserted concrete complex situated in the middle of a vibrant city. However, this surrogate home is bound for demolition. Within this precarious situation, the characters find reassurance and order by creating their own logic and reality, performing strange repetitive games and routines. The characters are on a tireless search for something which might define and represent their identity. The result is an assortment of unusual objects. Gradually a museum-like collection, built around a fictitious narrative, begins to emerge.

Office for Monument Construction trailer:

Premiere: Sunday 10th April, 8pm at Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose St, Glasgow, G3 6RB. Tickets will be free and available from the GFT box office on the day of premiere.

Exhibition: 8th April – 8th May at Market Gallery.

During Glasgow International the exhibition will be open daily, 11am-5pm with 11am-8pm on Thursdays.

From 26th April – 8th May the exhibition will continue with Market Gallery’s usual opening times of Thursday – Sunday, 11am-5pm.

Screening times: 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 daily

Office for Monument Construction is written and directed by Karolina Breguła, with cinematography by Robert Mleczko, sound by Weronika Raźna and editing by Stefan Paruch and Karolina Breguła. Cast: Liz Kristiansen, Duncan Chrisholm, David A. Allan, Mari Itoh, Michael James, Patrick Queen, Johnnie Wales, Mary McCabe, Ruth Switalski, Anette Steward, Mary Wales, David Cooke, Stacey Maguire, Anna Lomas.

Karolina Breguła (b. 1979) works with film, photography and installations. She graduated from the National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź (Poland). She has performed and exhibited in places such as the Venice Art Biennale (Italy), Jewish Museum in New York (USA), National Museum in Warsaw (Poland) and Zachęta Natonal Gallery in Warsaw (Poland). She has received numerous awards including Views 2013 and Samsung Art Master 2007, Polish Ministry of Culture Scholarship, Młoda Polska and Visegrad Scholarship. She is the author of works such as Fire- Followers (2013), Art Translating Agency (2010) and Let Them See Us (2003). She lives and works in Warsaw.

Office for Monument Construction was commissioned by Market Gallery as part of the supported programme for Glasgow International 2016.

Glasgow International is a world-renowned biennial festival of contemporary art. Glasgow International showcases the best of local and international art for wide-ranging audiences. The forthcoming seventh edition will happen in the city from 8th – 25th April 2016.