On my way home: prologue

April 22, 2019 1:13 pm

‘On my way home’ is an expanded reading group happening over the course of five months. It is intended as a prolonged conversation that explores belonging through the intersections of personal identity, privilege and oppression. Together we will explore texts including poems, essays, short stories, films, music and more. We will move through realms of belonging to communities and bodies including local, city-wide, national, global and intergalactic. As an exercise in collaborative programming, the reading group will build towards a weekend-long festival in October.

We will begin with a prologue to workshop and discuss a biographical and anecdotal approach to discourse on cultural (dis)integration and (be)longing. For the prologue, five Market Gallery committee members will present excerpts of texts and other content platforming lived experience related to the central issue of belonging. No prior reading is required for the prologue session. Thereafter, guest facilitators will be invited to choose and lead readings of resources.

‘On my way home’ will generally take place on the first Saturday afternoon of the month at the Market Gallery. We hope to treat it as a space for reading, listening, speaking and learning collectively. Each session will have a different focus so you are welcome to join even for a single session.

Bursaries for travel and childcare costs are available for those in need, please e-mail market@marketgallery.org for more information.

Saturday 4th May 2 – 5pm at Market Gallery