On my way home | Richard Maguire

June 21, 2019 12:23 pm

Market Gallery invites you to join us for the third episode of our reading group On My Way Home. The facilitator and guest selector for this session is artist Richard Maguire. The texts selected by Richard focus on passing and the intersections of race, sexuality and nationality. The first two texts, an excerpt from ‘The Sexagon’ by Mehemmed Amadeus Mack and a fansite essay on Keanu Reeves, ‘Queer Keanu’, problematise passing as white as both a privilege and a means of perpetuating systems of oppression and orientalism. The third text, the introduction to ‘A Taste for Brown Bodies’ by Hiram Perez, frames queer desire in relation to history and colonial legacy.

The texts can be downloaded from this shared Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6u59h673uvs3s25/AABj2juz9Ur64090JxMQSfNJa?dl=0

The reading group will take place on Saturday 6th July 3 – 6pm at Market Gallery.

Please see below for optional background reading that might be useful in terms of contextualising the selected texts:

1) Paris is Burning, Venus Extravaganza clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SRoFxHSRl4&t=20s
2) Judith Butler, Gender is Burning: http://pica.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/gender-is-burning.pdf
3) bell hooks, Is Paris Burning http://artsites.ucsc.edu/faculty/gustafson/FILM%20165A.W11/film%20165A%5BW11%5D%20readings%20/hooksparis.pdf

‘On my way home’ is an expanded reading group that explores belonging through the intersections of personal identity, privilege and oppression. Together we will move through realms of belonging to communities and bodies including local, city-wide, national, global and intergalactic realms. As an exercise in collaborative programming, the reading group will build towards a weekend-long festival in October.’

instagram: richardmaguire__