Open Corner 2 | Jack Wansbrough, Florida, Roisin Cairney, Richard Taylor

November 23, 2017 4:50 pm

Open Corner is an initiative, facilitated by Market Gallery, for practitioners to make use of an unoccupied shop-front unit on Duke Street.

Open Corner is located just seven doors down from Market Gallery. Over November and December 2017 the space will be used by practitioners for one week slots in any way they wish. The following practitioners will be in residence:

Jack Wansbrough: 20th to 26th November

Jack Wansbrough will be recording voices and writing text. To lean in (and assess with tenderness) a body wind and its mechanics. To gather a conversational understanding of voice – in terms of how it acts on, and changes things as it come into contact, and the extra-bodily forces that shape its phonetics.

Florida: 27th November – 4th December

Florida (Hannah Reynolds, Caitlin Merrett King and Isabella Widger) will be using Open Corner as a week-long residency space in which to develop their individual practices and collective practice as Florida, and provide a period of reflection on their past projects and exhibitions. Open Corner will become a discursive space in which Florida will undertake group research and develop their curatorial practice aims. Central to Florida’s collective approach is an exploration into the position of collaboration (and friendship) and curating within an expanded artistic practice. They are interested in examining how optimism and self-doubt in production are mirrored in the content of the work and if this is inherently gendered. Personal experiences are processed through coded language, fictions and associations which are also firmly situated within a wider consciousness of political and cultural expectations.

The week will culminate in an open studio event on Saturday 2nd December where Florida will present work produced and research collected during their time at Open Corner.

Roisin Cairney: 11th – 13th December.

Roisin Cairney will be developing Nope, Not A Sea Monster, Just A Whales Willy an exploration of the ocean and the power of the human imagination, the myths and legends that it creates due to a lack of understanding. The project will open up the Roisin’s research to the public, allowing visitors to explore the unknown world of the ocean and all that dwells in it. The research space will allow the audience to dive into their imagination, through the process of learning and understanding to find new ways of thinking. Visitors will be able to research, draw, generate conversation and ideas.

Richard Taylor: 14th – 18th December.

Richard will continue to work on a text produced during a recent residency at Hospitalfield in Arbroath. Entitled ‘Love Without Limits’, the text comprises four perspectives of ‘things’ that live in Corgarff Castle in the Cairngorms National Park. The perspectives describe the movement and intimacies of four characters who lived in the castle during the latter part of the 1700s, when the building’s architectural history saw a period of military development. The next stage for the work is to edit the text and make further recordings, for a four-channel audio installation. People will be invited to the space to listen and help with this process.