August 27, 2017 5:43 pm
Image credit: Culte Cargo

Open Corner is a one-off initiative, facilitated by Market Gallery, for practitioners to make use of an unoccupied shop-front unit on Duke Street. Open Corner is located just seven doors down from Market Gallery. Over August and September 2017 the space will be used by practitioners for one week slots in any way they wish. The following practitioners will be in residence:

James Jimbo: 1st – 7th August

Each day, James Jimbo will make new drawings inspired by the news, things that happened to him, things he remembered and other inane topics in an attempt to continue his documentation of the world as he sees it. Rumbling alongside the drawings, he will concurrently attempt to make one painting from start to finish.

Dan Shay: 8th – 14th August

How does contemporary technology affect your sense of space, place, community and privacy? Open Corner will become a space to plug-in, disconnect and reflect on our merging horizons of physical/virtual, online/o ine environments and engagements, and the effects on us. Culminating the project will be an Open Forum discussion at 3pm on Sunday 13th August – all welcome.

Culte Cargo: 15th – 21st August

Culte Cargo is a collaborative art project and ongoing methodological approach through which we attempt to question conventions of artistic production and consumption in relation to neoliberal systems and institutions. rough collaborative research, discussion, experimental installation and play, our project describes an open-ended attempt to question what it means to ‘practice’ art outside of more dominant, market responsive routes and modes of dissemination.

Nikki Kane: 22nd – 28th August

For Open Corner, Nikki Kane will create a research room to reflect on and develop her recent projects that deal with issues around contemporary labour and the body. e research room will host meetings and discussions, visible constellations of research materials, and experiments for new performative work around this research.

DW Robertson: 29th August – 4th September

DW Roberston will be using Open Corner to cast and rehearse for “the United Kingdom of Earth”. In a not too distant future an isolated Britain survives on an otherwise scorched earth, saved from nuclear misunderstandings by Brexit. “ e United Kingdom of Earth” is presented with a cast of local people wherever it goes. A large scale community play with songs, music, Morris dancing, marching, a dash of Christmas, and a special appearance by Her Majesty the Queen. CASTING: 30/31 August. REHEARSALS: 1st – 6th September. PERFORMANCE: 7th September, CCA Glasgow.

Andrew Houston: 5th – 11th September

During Open Corner Andrew will be developing his most recent work I SIT AND… creating episodic performances both in the space and online. Half work space/ Half stage Open Corner will be his bubble that you can look into whenever you want.

Emily MacFarland: 12th – 18th September

While at Open Corner, Emily will focus on composing, editing and sequencing a series of evolving screen-based backdrops loosely based on German playwright Bertolt Brecht’s screenplay, ‘The Jewel Eaters’ (1922). The unoccupied shop-front will act as an evolving set within which to stage and film a series of invited collaborators responses to themes in the screenplay, through various performed gestures and actions.

Experimental Film Club: 19th – 25th September

The Experimental Film Club (EFC) is an initiative to take experimental film out of the hands of institutions and into the public. The autonomous underground is out there somewhere… It is an open submission group, with the programme being by the EFC committee. e residency at Open Corner will mainly take the form of a continuous working space, with intermittent screenings, discussion and quasi-educational events.