Potbelly | Clarinda Tse and Caitlyn Main

September 7, 2019 11:15 am

Clarinda Tse and Caitlyn Main will be sharing their Studio Projects outcomes on Friday 20th September from 6 – 9pm. Clarinda will present a performance, and Caitlyn will screen a short film.

18:50 Pre sunset (with Clarinda Tse)

19:24 Sunset (supper)

20:10 Post Sunset (with Caitlyn Main)

Notes on Clarinda’s performance: a jelled up precarity of masking fingerprints. Aligning one thing with the other. Expansion of one thing to the other. Ghosts from start to stop. Surrogating body waddling through the solid pathway as a zipper bag of water. A pocket burst to miss.

Notes on supper: A squeamish buffet, gelatinous and sticky plateful. Gorge. Handfuls. A decadent meal by any standard.

Notes on Caitlyn’s film: ‘Rhytidectomy’ explores the absurdity and performance of infatuation. Following a conversational narrative of potentially unrequited love, ‘Rhytidectomy’ is a viscuous and tactile rumination on surface and skin.

Image credit: Clarinda Tse