Reproductive Technologies Reading Group

February 4, 2018 4:35 pm
Image credit: Anna Dumitriu Engineered Antibody

March – June 2018

Reproductive Technologies is a six month reading group intended as a prolonged conversation towards a sustained event in July.

The selected texts respond to reproduction in a variety of meanings and explore the position of bodies in system of production and reproduction.

How do notions about gender, motherhood, and sexual difference emerge from and within new scientific technologies? How does language re-produce and consume these different bodies?

1. March 11th, 2-4pm:

‘Baroque Technopatriarchy’ by Paul B. Preciado.
‘A New Way to Reproduce’ by Antonio Regalado.

2. March 31st, 2-4pm: ‘Bloodchild’ Octavia Butler.

3. May 19th, 2-4pm: ‘Organs without Bodies’ from Nomadic Subjects by Rosi Braidotti

4. June16th, 2-4pm: ‘The Argonauts’ by Maggie Nelson pages 64-87.

*We have a small budget set out for childcare and travel expenses for those in need and the unemployed. If you are interested in this please email Market Gallery ( in advance to each session.