She’s a bit much

September 17, 2021 11:48 am
Written "She's a bit much" in the middle, with a blue magical tones and lots of sparkly shells

“She’s a bit much” is an online research and alternative publishing platform devised by Catalina Barroso Luque and Jude Browning.

For Market Gallery, Catalina and Jude will present their research in conversation with Conor Baird as an invited contributor to mark the launch of the She’s a bit much online publication.

“She’s a bit much” considers thresholds one can cross into the excessive, in correlation to the gendered delineation of these parameters. Our project pauses where the acceptable touches on unpalatable excess. She’s a bit much explores the performativity of these thresholds in relation to ranting. Here, the rant is manifested in writing, mediated monologues, and drawing. The project hosts writing, performance documentation, research links and transcribed conversations between Catalina, Jude and their invited contributors; Conor, Lía García, Anne Lesley Selcer and Nico Novatore.


Catalina Barroso-Luque is an artist, writer and arts programmer working between Mexico City and Glasgow. Her current work plays with animality, sex and Mexican female identities.

Jude Browning is a Glasgow based artist and event programmer, interested in ancient rhetoric, modes of public speaking and theatricality. Her artworks often take the form of monologues, which are self-authored, appropriated and misremembered.

Conor Baird is an artist, born, raised and based in Glasgow. Recently his use of text has slid from voice, improvisation and script into more formalised approaches to writing and publishing thanks to inaction from lockdown. This writing is in line with much of his overarching practice which seeks to unpack and make mess of personal narratives around intimacy, shame, belonging and violence – in order to clarify, accept and settle. His time-based work makes use of subversive dramaturgies across performance, actionism, theatre, expanded cinema and film. Conor’s training stems from the former Sculpture undergraduate at Gray’s School of Art (2013), the recent Theatre & Performance Practices Master’s at University of Glasgow (2019) and continuous performance workshopping. Conor also participated in the alternative postgraduate education programme Syllabus III (2018), and was a Committee Member at Market Gallery, Glasgow (2015-17). He has shown work in galleries, festivals, theatres, cinemas, bars, apartments, factories, windows, and sewers.


Event is held on 4th September 2021. You can find documentation and recording of the event here.