Sharing playful excerpts of “What’s beyond the plughole”

April 10, 2022 4:27 pm

…Our skulls are basically contact mics? 

ID: swimming 3D printed fishy forms up a stream. Courtesy of Artist.

During their Home Residency with Market last autumn, Tilly P-M  has developed an abundance of watery research involving sharks, animatronics and holes. Diving into the mystical mundanity of domestic spaces, waste pipe drains us towards a longing for our ancient fishy forms, leads us to disorientating angles of cyclical time portals, and reconnects dreamy bellies with each other. 

You will get a chance to explore Tilly’s research through screens, projections and sculpture on
Friday 22nd April 5-8pm and Saturday 11-3pm.

The work will transform into a window display from 25th April-2nd May, available to view from time to time. 

ID: 3D printed fishy forms superimposed on a dark domestic bathroom sink. Courtesy of Artist.

Play “Down the pipe with the drain dwellers” press ↓ to start.