Solution for Market Gallery | Jarsdell Solutions Ltd

June 26, 2017 12:16 pm

Following an extended period of consultation, research and development, Jarsdell Solutions Ltd is pleased to launch the implementation phase of its latest solution. Solution for Market Gallery has been realised in the wake of Market Gallery’s displacement from two of its three spaces. Those two spaces are to be converted into a Post Office, in order to preserve what is understood to be an essential service to local residents. Accordingly, questions regarding the kind of service offered by Market Gallery, and to whom, frame Jarsdell Solutions Ltd’s operations. The one remaining space will be variously occupied by Jarsdell Solutions Ltd as fabrication unit, dressing room, and exhibition space, in order to serve the needs of multiple parties. Client evaluation and public feedback will be solicited during the realisation of the solution, which will temporarily introduce two new, oversized residents to the locale.

Solution for Market Gallery will unfold between 26th June and 23rd July. The gallery space will be used by Jarsdell Solutions Ltd according to the following schedule:

26th June – 9th July: Open studio.

10th – 16th July: Base for itinerant activity and local excursions.

16th July: Exhibition opening event, 4-7pm.

17th – 23rd July: Public exhibition, open daily 12-6pm.

23rd July: Concluding event, more details to follow.

Jarsdell Solutions Ltd was established in 2016 to provide tailor-made solutions to clients and audiences in a variety of settings. Jarsdell Solutions Ltd engages in consultation processes to identify the specific needs of the context, before devising appropriate responses which satisfy all stakeholders.