Statement in solidarity with Palestine

May 24, 2021 10:36 am

The Market committee wishes to express support and solidarity with the people of Palestine, and claim accountability for our silence and failure to do so sooner. We have previously only used our social media channels and public facing platforms for the promotion of our program, and the rest of the time allowed our platform to lie dormant. 

This is no excuse. We would like to be transparent in stating that our complicity has been called out by peers in the art community, and we are grateful for their generosity in taking the time to hold us to account. We express our solidarity with the people of Palestine who are enduring and resisting in these and past times. This isn’t just about the violence at the moment but about larger issues of imperialism and colonialism that has bred a multitude of similar situations across the globe. We join in the call for Liberation Now for all people suffering as a result of violent imperialism.

We will be translating this position into action immediately. This will include: Refusing funding from all individuals and entities who support the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Extending our Anti-Racist library to include relevant resources. We also are proud to be supporters of the call to action by The Mosaic Rooms, and urge others to do the same. As per their call we would like to open our programme to artists, collectives, and initiatives led by non-mainstream voices, including artists and writers in Palestine.

While we take this time to plan, we will also be reviewing our public engagements in relation to our position of power as an institution, and we acknowledge the importance of using our available platforms as tools that aid justice and liberation.

Market Committee