Studio Projects 2017 | Andrew Black and Jamie Kane

August 21, 2017 4:58 pm

Market Gallery are hosting Jamie Kane and Andrew Black for this Summer’s Studio Projects: a five-week residency taking place between August and September 2017.

Image credit: Andrew Black

For this residency, Andrew will be gathering materials and research to produce a body of work that might develop into a film project. The work produced will carry forth a fairly subjective look at potential and existing expressions of queerness in Glasgow and wider Scotland right now, and how these intersect with aspects of urban and rural contexts. The project will tangentially look at bodies; community/communities; forms of friendship; personal and collective modes of expression and performance; relationships to work, institutions and the state; and tarot.

Image credit: Jamie Kane

With research spanning chemistry, biology, architecture and improvisation Jamie intends to use his residency to explore tensions and intimacies that arise between individual and commune, through the lens of materiality.