Studio Projects | Volume 1 + Skill/Trade + Warm Minds

August 21, 2012 8:09 am

Studio Projects

Volume 1 | Skill/Trade | Warm Minds

1st – 23rd September 2012

Volume 1 James Merchant & Jack Park

The objects in this exhibition are the result of a collaborative process over the period of one month.The work looks to establish a dialogue between makers, audience and material. Objects were appropriated, altered and re-presented in new configurations. The selection of ubiquitous objects demands for the examination of their specifics.

Gathering fragments such as the actor Boris Karloff, a Nutella container, recorded video game footage, domestic cardboard, newspapers, postcards, peanut shells, a squash ball, twigs, cigarette packet, footprints, corporate logos, book illustrations, music and film posters, polystyrene balls etc; the artists have arranged a configuration of fluid objects which are temporarily fixed.

Drums of Jeopardy


By Gayle Meikle

For her residency ‘Skill/Trade’, Meikle invited academics, local residents, businesses and artists to engage and participate in a programme of talks, workshops and screenings centred on the themes skill and trade. The gallery became a research space as Meikle worked towards publication of The Market Directory (Vol 1), with visitors free to add, change and omit information already collected by the artist. The directory aims to demystify the artist’s role by setting out existing and tradeable skills available to the user, with a view to widening the contribution, and reception, of artists in their own community.

For Sunday’s Skill/Swap event, participants will sit down, discuss their skills and swap them for services provided by others. Meikle says: “It is dressed up as fun but it has the serious undertone of getting people to recognise they have skills whilst creating a framework for creative exchange. As a resident in Dennistoun and an active participant of the Glasgow art scene, I recognise the need for galleries to become more open ended and for spaces to be better utilised between and during shows.”

A-N writes about Gayle Meikle’s Skill/Swap!


By Stefan Blomeier, Lewis Cook, Jamie McNeill, Rickie McNeill, Callum Montieth and Liam Richardson.

A multi-faceted investigation encompassing music, video, sculpture and print. Interaction between all elements will occur through an informed experiment using each participant’s research and central themes as a focus for other artists to explore.

Central themes to the investigation include post-pop psychedelia, 80s/90s tech nostalgia, prog-animation, utopian symbolism and trash-internet culture.