The Party | Mark Briggs

October 13, 2016 2:00 pm

Presented by loom loom loom for Market Gallery
at Scott Rogers‘ Creative Lab Residency, CCA.
Thursday 20 October, 7-8pm.

During the Studio Projects 2016 Residency at Market Gallery, Amelia Bywater has developed loom loom loom, a speculative publishing project scoping out the indistinct spaces of writing, speaking and performing and their translation within the actual spaces of art and work.

loom loom loom will exist as a series of events focusing on forms of writing that seep out of seemingly sealed off circuits of labour and capital, and carry with them the traces of this movement.

The Party is a new performance by Mark Briggs, and comes out of a dialogue between Briggs and Amelia Bywater; a performative unsettling of notions of identity and the performed self that is shaped and marked by the pressures of familial and social norms, and economic processes. This dialogue confronts the simultaneous release and bind of new forms of relational interaction given by social media technologies. The Party will exist somewhere within the experience and intimacy of reading and the performance of writing, akin to a written recital, a screenplay. The Party is a play of two characters meeting at a party, Chris and Russ. The two protagonists perform for each other, together they rub against each other’s characters and the gendered roles expected of them.

The event is produced with support from Market Gallery and hosted during Scott Rogers’ Creative Lab Residency at the CCA. Relationships between the works themselves and spaces of making/appearing public are being written into the project as it leaches off the social entanglements that surround and prop it up.

The Party is the first event to come out of the Studio Projects 2016 Residency.