Window Display 1: Herc Wayden

April 13, 2024 1:44 pm

Introducing our new Window Display exhibition format which invites two Glasgow-based artists to occupy our windows in our space in 13 Ross Street across the month of April and May. This project fosters open-ended creative processes and collaboration, looking into new and playful ways of engaging with our audiences and passers by.

image credit: Herc Wayden

22th-28th April – Herc Wayden*

Lead me in paths of – – Raptore!! is a mixed media installation responding to Wayden’s ongoing search for spiritual guidance, divine revelation and inter-dimensional communication within the mental alienation and interiority of life in a city.

Reinterpreting the habits of a ‘vermin’ underclass through the practice of ornithomancy, the flurried ascension of a flock of city-dwelling pigeons generates a momentary bridge between earthly and cosmic realms. A message trickles through for those who are listening – – and sprinkling bread crumbs. Comprising video, digital collage and sculpture, … Raptore !! is an exploration into the reciprocal relationships between city pigeons and their caretakers, giving significance and magnanimity to an alliance largely considered nuisance, nonsensical or deranged.

image credit: Herc Wayden

*Artist Bio: Herc Wayden is an artist – working and anxiously trying to use their balled up fists as a pair of binoculars – in Glasgow. At the moment they’re working with digital collage as well as sculpture, installation and video to make artworks that sit within the expanded field of puppetry. Using the inanimate as a proxy through which to  F e e l ,  they use ‘puppets’ as a prophetic tool to seek out moments of divine relation//rapturous clarity. Skirting between memory and nostalgic imaginings they attempt, within the murky, dissociative loneliness of reality, to shed light upon: where they began, how they came to be and where they might be going.