Workshop | Memories of Elsewhere

March 23, 2022 3:44 pm
ID fabric in clay and sunshine tones with tiling prints. Courtesy of Memories of Elsewhere.

Market is excited to host Memories of Elsewhere for a workshop on exploring words, languages, poetry and rhythms. In this workshop, we will work together to create collective poems that combine memories, experiences, personal journeys and languages and reflect on the process of cultural hybridisation that happens with movement and migration. The writing session will be accompanied by rhythms, music and poems inspired by the Iranian heritage.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in exploring creative writing, words and music. The workshop will focus on merging different languages and the possibilities and imaginaries opened by each language. You are welcome to join us and contribute with the language and the languages you speak.

It will be held on 28th March 2022 (Monday) 5-7pm. Book your tickets here.

About the project:

Memories of Elsewhere is a collaborative community project developed by the Iranian Scottish Community and Distanced Assemblage with the support of Inspiring Scotland.

Scotland is home to many communities, all with really unique stories that lead them here. Memories of Elsewhere celebrates our journeys and stories, and looks at the complexities behind the notion of belonging for people that call Glasgow their home. In a series of workshops spawning from August 2021 to February 2022, the Iranian community co-created a collection of artefacts that tell a story of migration through a reinterpretation of displaced Iranian objects in Scotland. The collection includes ceramics, musical instruments and tapestry, all decorated with deconstructed interpretations of patterns and designs of traditional Persian objects held at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. This collection results from discussions held with the group about cultural hybridisation, geographical movement and citizenship.

 ID: glazed ceramic vessel with hand-drawn blue hue patterns, placed on a cobalt blue printed cloth. Courtesy of Memories of Elsewhere.