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Market Gallery is a charitable visual arts organisation run by volunteers based in Glasgow's East End. It was established in 2000 and presents a varied programme of contemporary exhibitions, projects and events. We are committed to engaging and presenting artists' work from our current premises as well as in off-site collaborative projects in new exciting ways, offering an open and accessible platform for the discussion and ...

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Market Gallery is open Thursday - Sunday 11am - 5pm (during projects)

Studio Projects - Jennifer Bailey + Joe Sloan


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Market Gallery invites applications for Studio Projects, a residency and presentation project taking place across the three spaces of the gallery. Two artists will be selected, each with access to a gallery space.

Studio Projects will take place from 8 September - 12 October 2014. The initial three weeks will be on a ‘closed-door’ basis with the gallery spaces used for researching, developing and making projects and ...

The Devil's Plantation - May Miles Thomas

Friday 15 August 2014

Event opens at 7:00pm

Screening begins at 7:30pm with a Q&A to follow

As part of GENERATION, Market Gallery presents May Miles Thomas' film The Devil's Plantation.

A haunting psycho-geographic journey, The Devil’s Plantation brings together two life stories to reveal an ancient secret. Supported by the SAC Creative Scotland ...

No Date - Scott Rogers

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Event opens: 7.30pm, screening begins: 8.00pm

As part of the series of events of Time After Time, Scott Rogers will present his video No Date for the first time as a screening. Filmed in Glasgow over a one year period, the video takes the form of an nature documentary where human presence is conspicuously ...




11th July - 1st August 2014

Opening event Friday 11th of July, 6-9pm

Market Gallery presents Time After Time, a new exhibition and series of events, talks and screenings as part of GENERATION, a nationwise programme showcasing art in Scotland from the past 25 years.The ...

Time After Time - Douglas Morland - Performance

Opening event and performance: Saturday 28 June, 8pm (performance at 8.30pm)

Time After Time is a new exhibition and series of events at Market Gallery as part of Generation, a nationwide programme showcasing art in Scotland from the past 25 years. The project will consider the approach of Generation itself, and questions the historicising of artists and artwork through ongoing ...

Michael Blättler, Artist-In-Residence

Michael Blättler


Market Gallery

24 March - 11 April 2014




12 April - 27 April 2014

Opening Event: Friday 11 April 6pm

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts, Thomas Anderson at Titan Props (OFF-SITE)

Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts

Thomas Anderson

Titan Props, Kinning Park

(From Kinning Park Subway walk over motorway foot-bridge and follow the signs)

Saturday 22 March 2014 8pm - 10pm

For one night only, come and experience Edinburgh based artist Thomas Anderson's: 'Miscellany: Revised Moments and Cinematic Artefacts', a collection of ...

'Yet Hesitant' Thomas Anderson

Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S)

Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S)

11 January – 21 February 2014

Opening Event: Saturday 11 January 3pm - 6pm

For six weeks from the 11th of January 2014, Glasgow Open Dance School is based at Market Gallery, creating a physical, welcoming space for movement research and practice in Glasgow. The first space ...

Night School #4: Anna McLauchlan & Sarah Tripp

Love that moves the sun and the other stars

13 February 2014


Anna McLauchlan & Sarah Tripp

This participatory talk is about adjustment as viewed through the practice of yoga. Yoga in this context is the therapeutic practice largely made up of yoga poses or postures referred to by the Sanskrit word asana. Adjustment has ...

New States, Beth Dynowski

New States

Beth Dynowski

26th October - 6th December 2013

Opening: 25th October 2013 6-9pm

Market Gallery presents 'New States,' the first solo exhibition by Glasgow based artist Beth Dynowski. The exhibition extends through three gallery spaces, where the artist presents a lexicon of ...

Night School #3: Chris Heppell

The Mesh

30th October 2013


Market Gallery

Chris Heppell

Taking Timothy Morton's concept of "the mesh" as a starting point, Chris Heppell (University of Aberdeen) will give a short presentation leading to a wider discussion about the relations between ecology, aesthetic theory, and visual culture. Beginning with a feeling of vertigo ...

At Land Video

Tags Land, At




Steven Campbell, Aimi Ferrier, Helen Flockhart, Marianne Greated, Mabel Halliday, Katrin Jaberg, Lindsey Mclean, Carol Rhodes, Alastair Strachan and Mary Wintour

6th July - 16th August 2013

In landscape, one searches for memory. One searches for the traces that connect the familiar with the visible, molding and making palpable the interstice between our own locality and the distant place.


Robot Ninja, Jonathan Monaghan

Excerpt from Robot Ninja, Jonathan Monaghan at Market Gallery from Jonathan Monaghan on Vimeo.

Robot Ninja, Jonathan Monaghan

Robot Ninja

Jonathan Monaghan

3rd May - 7th June 2013

Using the same technology employed by Hollywood and video games American artist Jonathan Monaghan debuts a new video installation for Market Gallery entitled Robot Ninja. Drawing as much on the past and mythology, as on science fiction and contemporary culture, Monaghan envisions a monstrous robotic ...



22nd - 23rd March 2013

AIRPLAY Inflatable Building Classes

Kim Noble's Solo Show, Kim Noble

Kim Noble's Solo Show

Kim Noble

16th March - 12th April 2013

Helen Shaddock | Solaris Simulacra

Studio Project

Helen Shaddock | Solaris Simulacra

15th March - 12th April 2013

Helen Shaddock

www.helenshaddock.co.uk helenshaddock.blogspot.com/

Solaris Simulacra Pauline McCloy & Rebbecca Green

GFF: Market Gallery Shorts

GFF: Market Gallery Shorts

A programme of curated short films by artist filmmakers at Market Gallery.

Jonathan Monaghan's short films combine high end computer animation with surreal and fantastical scenes drawn from popular culture and Western history. Tessa Power's short work fuses ideas about contemporary space travel and humans supposed control over nature with ...

The Origins of Another Artwork, Toby Huddlestone

The Origins of Another Artwork

Toby Huddlestone

18th January - 8th February 2013

Toby Huddlestones solo exhibition at Market Gallery, Glasgow. A three-gallery solo show featuring brand new multi-screen video work Falling, ongoing work 'So what can be said to have gone on?' (part 2) with old and new lecture performances + special invited guests, and older ...

Night School #1: Kirsteen MacDonald

'Night School # 1'

This talk/lab is the first in a four part series of events curated by Market Gallery in conjunction with the Art School Union.

The series is based on a desire to open up discussion surrounding contemporary practices. Speakers will be given a 'word' and 'gift' to respond to in relation to their own work and asked to invite a special guest ...

Night School #2: Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller: Exhaustion #2

Mitch Miller in conversation w/ special guest Graham Lister in response to the word 'Exhaustion'.

Draw Duke Street, Mitch Miller

Draw Duke Street

Mitch Miller

30th October - 16th December 2012

Preview 7th December.

From the 30th of October to the 16th of December 2012, illustrator Mitch Miller was resident in Market Gallery on Duke Street. His task was to create a large room-length ‘dialectogram’ of the stretch of Dennistoun’s main high street that lies between ...

Budgie Butlins, Catherine Roberts

Budgie Butlins

Catherine Roberts

2nd - 23rd November 2012

This show was of the documentation of the experience of forty six lucky budgerigars as they enjoyed a unique and miniature Butlins' style holiday. Donated by The Northern Ireland Budgerigar, Zebra Finch and Foreign Bird Society, Budgie Butlins' offers the very best in rest and relaxation and everything else ...

Wavelength, Helena Ohman McCardle and Borja Alcalde


Helena Ohman McCardle and Borja Alcalde

29th September - 14th October 2012

Gallery 3 Helena Öhman McCardle is a Swedish visual artist based in Glasgow and Stockholm. She has a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (1999 – 2004), with an exchange at ...

Volume 1 | Skill/trade | Warm Minds

Studio Project

Volume 1 | Skill/Trade | Warm Minds

1st - 23rd September 2012

Volume 1 James Merchant & Jack Park

The objects in this exhibition are the result of a collaborative process over the period of one month.The work looks to establish a dialogue between makers, audience and material. Objects were appropriated, altered and re-presented in new ...

Saying some Things on The Culture Show

Art Lending Library

Art Lending Library

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

20th April - 7th May 2012

A project by Market Gallery and Walker & Bromwich Located in the Mitchell library.

Art Lending Library was an ambitious new commission by Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich which took the form of an experimental library and public procession. Conceived and ...